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Doctoral School in the Social Sciences

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Economics and Finance

Education at the Doctoral School in the Social Sciences of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków in the discipline of Economics and finances is based on a flexible construction of the choice of various forms of academic activity that lead to the education of specific knowledge and skills defined in the Education Program. They prepare a graduate of the School for scientific work.

The Education Program consists of

A PhD Program of ECONOMICS and FINANCE discipline and Individual Research Plan. It is a 4-year plan of goals and tasks leading to the submission of a PhD dissertation. A participant in the discipline of ECONOMICS and FINANCE can cooperate - as a team member - with the following Research Teams of the Jagiellonian University: Economics and Innovation, Mathematical Economics, Institutional Economy and Economic Policy, Socio-Economic Analysis and Globalization and Economic Integration.   

It allows participating directly in research programs conducted by the employees of the Institute of Economics, Finance and Management, constituting the staffing resources of the ECONOMICS and FINANCE discipline.

Currently, the main directions of research are determinants of regional development; advanced mathematical methods in studying the dynamics of macroeconomic processes; social, financial and ecological balance - inequalities, intergenerational transfers; sources of future innovation; institutional structures for innovation, education for innovation; analysis of the consequences of technology development and application ( technology assessment); directions of financial market evolution; intergenerational equity of access to environmental resources; labour market.


The PhD program of ECONOMICS and FINANCE discipline includes four main learning modules:

(1) specialised training (economic theory),

(2) methodological training (quantitative methods in the study of economic processes),

(3) academic competence (designing and conducting research, dissemination of research results),

(4) preparation for academic work at the university.

A graduate of the Doctoral School in the discipline of ECONOMICS and FINANCE is prepared to conduct independent scientific research. He can edit the text of the project application and prepare his cost estimate. He can develop a structure and edit the text of a scientific article and argue with reviewers. He can present the results of his research during a public meeting with the nature of an international scientific conference. The graduate is prepared to be employed at a research and teaching position at every academic centre in Poland and abroad.