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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Masterclass: I have a dream. Future transport in Kraków.

Masterclass: I have a dream. Future transport in Kraków.

16.05.2022 Time: 09 am - 12:30 pm, Grodzka 52, Kraków.


Have you ever thought about what is the power of your imagination? Whether societies can imagine a particular future and pursue the state institutions to fulfil it? 

Do social fears and desires affect technology development, or is technology only a matter of scientists working in their labs? 

What can be achieved if social scientists and technology designers work together? 

Check it during our workshop on the future transport in Kraków organised by Tadeusz Rudek and Aleksandra Wagner from the Institute of Sociology with the help of the strategic research program Anthropocene at Jagiellonian University, Professor Franco Ruzzenenti from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen. The special guest of our master class workshop will be Przemysław Zakrzeski - corporate director of ABB Technological Center in Kraków. 

We encourage both undergraduate and graduate students studying in the field of STEAM and SSH and are interested in the transition toward new transport systems.

During our workshop, you will learn how to map the most pressing problems of the Kraków transport system and propose a solution to address them.  Together we will discuss the results with our experts. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity! 

Join us on 16.05.2022 Time: 09 am - 12:30 pm on Grodzka 52, room 79 in Kraków. 

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The task to do before the masterclass: Each participant will have to read the report about the perspectives on the transportation system in Kraków/Poland/Europe.

  1. Welcome & Introduction  (20 min)

  2. Sociotechnical Imaginaries?! What are they? Tadeusz Rudek  (10 min)

  3. Group work (2 groups) (1h30 min)

  1. Mapping the most critical problems for the Kraków transport system. Each participant can use all the branches of knowledge to formulate obstacles and needs of the city’s transport system. 

  2. Each group has to choose one problem and focus on how to resolve it. Using the Theory of Change and Long-Term, lasting changes perspective. Each solution must follow the path of defining: 

  1. Analysing the context

    1. Baseline analysis of the problem and issue the project seeks to influence

    2. Actors, stakeholders, networks and power relations in the context

    3. Analysing the receptiveness of context to new evidence on the issues

  2. Defining the long term change and development impact

  3. The sequence of events is anticipated to lead to the desired outcome.


Methodology:  Theory of Change. 


4. Coffee Break (15 min)

5. Presentation and discussion (1h)

  1. Each group presents the results of the group work

  2. Discussion with the experts 

   6. Closing the workshop (15 min.)