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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron


Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron


Doctoral Programme Coordinator

Prof. Monika Florczak-Wątor


Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Graduates of the Interdisciplinary PhD Programme "Society of the Future" will have specialist knowledge in the field of more than one scientific discipline in the field of social sciences. They will be methodically and technically prepared for independent, interdisciplinary research and academic activity in selected scientific disciplines within the field of social sciences. They will be able cooperate with specialists from other scientific disciplines, lead a research team, apply for funds for scientific research and understand the social and ethical dimension of their activities.

The programme is taught in English.

The programme offers four years of full-time doctoral training.

The programme is fully-funded. In addition, all doctoral students receive a scholarship (read more here).

Each PhD student can choose to prepare a doctoral thesis either in the entire field of social sciences or in one of the following disciplines within the field:

  • Economics and Finance
  • Socio-economic Geography and Spatial Management
  • Social Communication and Media Sciences
  • Management and Quality Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Politics and Administration Sciences
  • Legal Sciences
  • Sociological Sciences.

Moreover, the curriculum is focused on the development of interdisciplinary research skills. The training is based both on the curriculum, which allows for flexibility thanks to a large selection of optional courses, and on the individual research project. 

Our interdisciplinary PhD students may benefit from the guidance of the Doctoral Committee, composed of three highly qualified scholars representing the disciplines related to the discipline in which the doctoral thesis is prepared.

The education programme includes four modules: 

  • Interdisciplinary and specialised education;
  • Research methodology;
  • Academic competences;
  • Professional competences and soft skills, including preparation for teaching.

More details can be found in the section 'Benefits and curriculum'.

This programme is open to English-speaking candidates from Poland and abroad.

Information regarding the 2021/22 edition:

The technicalities of the admission process are described here:

To check your eligibility, requirements and deadlines, please see