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Social Communication and Media

The PhD program in the discipline of social communication and media sciences is a modern education that gives a PhD student flexibility in subjects and works on the preparation of the dissertation. That is a proposal for people interested in new and traditional media in Poland and the world, transceiver practices, information management, political communication, international communication, the phenomenon of mediatization, visual communication, popular culture, social communication, journalistic, literary genetics and bibliology.

The wide range of subjects available in the education program guarantees the participant theoretical and research preparation in a selected area of ​​social communication and media sciences. Besides, thanks to a rich offer of courses improving the scientific and didactic workshop, the PhD student will acquire skills allowing him to create his career both as a researcher and as an academic teacher.

A graduate of the education program in the discipline of social communication and media is a person with a PhD degree in social sciences, who independently prepared and defended a work based on the original solution to the scientific problem. He efficiently moves in theoretical issues characteristic of the discipline, has extensive knowledge of research methodology in social sciences and has a developed research workshop. He successfully finds himself both in individual research work and in working in teams, including international ones. He can manage the development of his career. Has the competencies necessary for academic work with students.